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Please add the following services to my account. I understand I will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, or the next business day, verifying that these services have been added to my account. All prices are per month rates.

If you have any questions about services or features, please contact us at (719) 837-6400

Residential Bundles
Bundle Options

Internet/Phone Bundle = $68.95/mo.

*Prices do not include taxes/surcharges. Services are subject to availability.
**Please note that download and upload speeds may vary.

More bundles are available. Contact our offices for any questions.

*Please note that download and upload speeds may vary.

High Speed Internet Upgrade

High Speed Internet requires installation/activation fees. Our staff will provide additional details.
*Prices shown are with active telephone service.
*Download and upload speeds may vary.

With any Internet & Phone Package

5 Meg = $10.00/mo.

High Speed Internet - A La Carte

1.5 Meg = $39.95/mo.5 Meg = $49.95/mo.

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